Microthemes writing a check

Create an outline or draft in which you present as directly as possible your thesis and supporting points. When we conclude the presentation, I give each student a 5"X8" index card and have them place their name on the back.

Therefore, proper grammar, coherent sentence structure, and organization will count just as much as content in determining your theme grade.

Our experience and our survey tell us that it microthemes writing a check nearly impossible to generalize about just why faculty demand writing of their students: I attack the end-of-the-semester term paper logjam by assigning, for my last two microthemes, topics that are really too large to be handled in fewer than five hundred words, e.

How did Pericles strengthen the democracy at Athens make the government more democratic in practice? I color code the introductory paragraph green and put a star next to the thesis statement. This exercise moves students from rote learning to application, thereby strengthening concept comprehension and abstract reasoning.

In the next battery of microthemes, Trevor sets a more difficult task of his students, asking them to induce meaning from what seems at first glance inchoate information [as in the assignment available at this link ]. He presents a table or a series of tables all related to a subject like national advertising expenditures, andor the number of women in journalism, and and then asks his students to make sense of these juxtaposed facts for an educated reader.

I provide feedback on each, celebrating the areas of strength, and offering support for the areas that require it. In fact, when complete, a microtheme should ideally have the feel of an outline created in sentence and paragraph form, with transition statements linking the main supporting points of an argument.

Addendum—Grading Microthemes Several faculty members responded to the original publication of this article by asking how to grade microthemes. I color the details that provide support in each of the body paragraph pink. Summary is no mean or easy task, as most of us know, because in attempting it one must read intelligently and make nuanced judgments about what to keep and what to discard.

I encourage you to follow the steps below as you work on each microtheme: Focus on coming up with as many ideas and supporting points as you can, and do not concern yourself with length.

Can you make any comparisons to American politics in ? Microthemes may be used, naturally, in a variety of disciplines and may be sequenced for reasons other than mine. For some examples of such assignments, and for citations to articles about microthemes, follow the " microthemes " link from this description of a consultation by the Campus Writing Program.

What was the Delian League? Find specific passages and note the page numbers.

Introducing the Microtheme

In short, his students must argue—many of them for the first time under criticism—inductively and empirically. In doing this, the students are creating multiple connections to the format they are learning about. I then color code the conclusion paragraph green as well, and I put a star next to the re-worded thesis.

According to Plutarch, what were the causes of the Peloponnesian Wars? Remember that you will also have the opportunity to revise your microthemes for a better grade after they have been returned.

My experience and that of many others is that microthemes and, for that matter, writing assignments in general are frequently employed successfully when they are attached to course goals rather than used merely to improve writing at the sentence level.

The Quandary-Posing Microtheme A practical occurrence or puzzling situation is presented. Because the ability to summarize is exceedingly important to the practice of journalism, Trevor asks his students in their first two microthemes to summarize articles [one of those assignments is available at this link ].

Upon seeing her, he utters a speech so artificial, so lacking in sentiment, that the scene is appalling to modern audiences in all senses of the word.

Department-by-Department Reference Guide

Tell us something about Aspasia. The Thesis-Support Microtheme The student must take a stand and defend it. The student must comment on its significance.

One of the best blockbusters we have discovered is the microtheme--an essay so short that it can be typed on a single five-by-eight inch note card Work, Sequenced Microthemes: A Great Deal of Thinking for Your Students, and Relatively Little Grading for You.

Ray Smith Director, Campus Writing Program. Less Writing, More Thinking Assignments Microthemes are short (often one page) essays. They are designed according to a principle that a small amount of writing is preceded by a great deal of thinking. HOW TO WRITE A MICROTHEME: A SHORT GUIDE I strongly encourage you to make use of my office hours and the resources of the Writing Center as you work on your microthemes.

Remember that you will also have the opportunity to revise your microthemes for a better grade after they have been returned. Revisions must be. ne of the best examples that the microtheme, despite its brevity, can relay a significant amount of information is a microtheme on the writing of microthemes.

A MICROTHEME ON MICROTHEMES The MICROTHEME, a brief essay limited to one side of a 5" x 8" index card, is an ideal instrument for painlessly increasing the written content of a course. Mini Essay? Tell Me More! Plan your minute lesson in English / Language Arts or Writing with helpful tips from Nicholas Gearing Introducing the Microtheme; LESSON 3 to each element of the notes from the PowerPoint will help students in the future during their first few attempts at writing microthemes.

Microtheme Color-Coded oramanageability.com A microtheme is a short essay (spanning words or that can be fit on a 5″x8″ index card).Often an exercise unto itself, it can also be used in writing courses to incrementally build up toward a larger paper.

Microthemes allow for quick grading, such as A+/A/A. .

Microthemes writing a check
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